Washed By The Water by NEEDTOBREATHE

"Washed by the Water" is a 2007 song by the Christian rock band Needtobreathe from their second studio album The Heat. It was released as a radio single at the end of 2007, becoming a #1 hit in the spring of 2008. It was the sixth most-played song on R&R's Christian CHR chart for 2008.

 The song was written by the Rinehart brothers about their father who was a pastor. Lead singer Bear Rinehart said, "It's a song about my dad. He's a pastor...There was some stuff that got said at our church that actually turned out to not be true when it all came out. I just thought it was a cool thing that my dad kept his integrity throughout that whole situation.

 The song is a piano-based rock ballad. It takes influence from a southern style of music and has been labeled as "gospel-tinged"

Daddy was a preacher
She was his wife
Just tryin to make the world a little better
You know, shine a light

People started talking
Trying to hear their own voice
Those people tried to accuse my father
Said he made the wrong choice

Though it might be painful
You know that time will always tell
Those people have long since gone
My father never failed

Even when the rain falls
Even when the flood starts rising
Even when the storm comes
I am washed by the water

Even if the Earth crumbles under my feet
Even if the ones I love turn around and crucify me
I won’t never ever let You down
I won’t fall
I won’t fall
I won’t fall as long as You’re around me


  1. Well I understand that but aren't we washed by the blood

  2. We are washed by the blood for our sin, but we are also washed by the water when baptized and receive the Holy Spirit.