Take My Hand by Shawn McDonald

 Simply Nothing is the debut album by singer/songwriter Shawn McDonald on Sparrow Records released August 10, 2004.

Take my hand to the promise land
And on You I want to stand
Cause I cannot do it on my own
You're what I need and I need to be
Right by your side cause I cannot hide
Lord, I know that I need you
Na na na na na na na na na
I need You
Na na na na na na na na na
I need You

Without You I'm so alone
I am weak but You are strong
You pick me up when I'm falling down
And I'm crying out to You inside of my heart
I need You, Lord, oh so, for the part
I want You to have my life Jesus

I fall to my knees
And I'm begging You please oh Lord
Won't You change me make me
Move from the inside out
I want to shout out Your name
(I need you)(chorus)

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