I will Survive by Sherwin Gardner

In the mists of everything , you know
You better never give up, you know
In the mists of all your struggles and situation
Tell someone never give up, you know why?

I will survive, I’m still alive
Gonna stand firm for the rest of my life

I never thought I would’ve be here today
But in everything, I got to give the father praise ya
God do everything for a reason
So I got to press on, in the mists of every season
Every day is just the same thing, but I and I will forever exult the king
Faith can more a mountain, so very soon this mountain will be moved


Everyone have a different circumstance
But once you trust God he will give you a chance
Open your heart and don’t loss your stance
Cause when he blow, and fire run through the land
Once you put you trust inner the almighty hands
And watch how God, is going to restore the plan
So don’t be moved be the situation
We will survive, because we’re his creation


David said “how long will you hide your face from me, oh jah
How long will my enemies smile over me, oh… “
I see them how they plotting, they just want me to rotting
but I am not forgotten, I will keep on pressing
They frighten me so much, but I cannot be touched
I need them just to watch, how you will lift me up
Try to blow you my spot, but you blessing me nonstop
Push away the corrupt and take me straight to the top

(Chorus 3x)
In the mists of the struggles and strain don’t you ever give up,
Pressure nonstop but don’t you ever give up cause,
Father God is gonna truly help us
Master God
Yo Mister Gardner, we will survive, you Know…

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  1. I was blessed to find this great song and the singer is amazing!