If That Mountain Don't Move by Gerald Crabb

1st Verse)
I’ve cried a river of tears though it seems
and the pain in my heart is a hurt that won’t leave.
Still I stand by the choice that I made long ago,
I’m going through.
Lord I brought nothing here when I came
so if I lose it all I’ll still praise your name.
I have peace of mind; I know you’ll teach me to climb,
If that mountain don’t move.

Oh Lord I don’t know what tomorrow will bring,
I’m hoping for sunshine but preparing for rain.
What ever I face I’ll trust in your Grace
to carry me through.
My feet are so weary at times I can’t stand
but you hold me up when I’ve done all I can.
Like so many times, I know you’ll teach me to climb
if that mountain don’t move.

(2nd Verse)
I’ve spent long nights when sleep never came, it seemed
that my loss far out numbered my gain.
But I held on to hope as it led the way,
I made it through.
The tempter determined that I would give in,
but you made a way for me to pass through again.
So I have peace of mind that you will teach me to climb,
if that mountain don’t move.