I Need Your Glory - Earnest Pugh

Lead (Chorus)
I need your Glory
I want your Glory
Less of me and more of you is what I need

Show me your Glory
Show me your Power
Less of me and more of you is what I need
(Chorus repeat)

So many times I strayed away, rejecting your love
And your warm embrace
I realized that I need you more and more each day
(Chorus - Repeat above)

Oh I need thee

If there is worshiper out there that will come on and join me to let him know that you are hungry for him, that your are longing for him, that you thirsting for him, yeah,--- lift up your voice and sing, I need you, I can't live without you Lord I need your glory.

I need to live right, to get it right, I need your
I need your shekinah, yeah------------

I need you right on me, flow on me, shine on me, your glory

I need--------need------------need--------need-------------------- oh i need it

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